Sunday, July 2, 2017

Some snack time ingenuity

    It's well known in our circle that Elizabeth has a difficult time with sleep- falling asleep, staying asleep, everything. 
    We finally discovered that a combination of supplements and a set schedule are key. Well, it's summer, the sun is up later, there was VBS to attend, so we've been off our schedule for about 3 weeks. Tonight is the first night working on going back to a routine that we know works. 
At 9:15 I sent this text:
Ellie is still going strong. She requested a snack (I was thinking if I feed her she might sleep). She got peanut butter crackers and toast. She proceeded to use the butter knife to harvest the peanut butter from the crackers to put into her toast, and then put the crackers onto her toast. 

She finally fell asleep at 9:50.