Tuesday, October 18, 2016


    This week is Community Helper Week at Headstart. Isaac's class was discussing what they'd like to be when they grow up. His answer was Batman. His teacher explained that Batman is a fictional character and we need to choose something from real life, but he was not going to be deterred. 
    When I picked him up she explained that he'd had a rough day (in general) and told me this story and that his assignment for the night was to come up with a real job he'd like to do. 
    He fell asleep before we were even out of the parking lot. Then we got busy, so it was bedtime before I talked to him again.
"Isaac, we were supposed to discuss what you'd like to be when you grow up."
He answered "um, Batman." (In a tone that made it clear that he had already made this decision.)
"Why do you want to be Batman?"
"He helps people. And he has a cave!"
I tried from a different angle. 
"Well, you know, no one knows who Batman is, so he doesn't get paid. You always tell me that when you grow up you're going to marry your Honey and have kids. How will you buy them food and clothes if you don't have a job to pay money?"
He thought for a moment and replied, "I want to be Master Bruce."
"You know, Master Bruce, he wears a suit and carries a thing..."
"Yeah, he carries a briefcase, um, he's Bruce Wayne. I want to be Bruce Wayne. Cuz he has a job, and gets paid, and he's Batman and he helps people."
"So you want to be a business man like Bruce Wayne?"
"Yeah, I want to be Bruce Wayne."

And then I gave up 😳

I love her tender heart

While driving through town Isabelle saw a man on the sidewalk with a sign that read, "Hungry, please help." We were headed to Awana at church, I'm the commander, I can't be late, I pretended not to see him. 
As we turn the corner her trembling voice reaches my ears. 
"Mom, I just want to cry."
"Why honey?"
"Because that man is hungry. Can't we go get him something to eat?"
She pauses, "but what if he's just tricking people?"
Again she pauses, "but he might really be hungry! Mom, please?"

So, we turned around and went through the drive through. We got him a triple cheeseburger and a large French fries. He was positioned so that we had to turn right in order to give him the food, she rolled down her window and told him "God loves you", we turned Right, drove down the road, made a U-turn, and as we drove by saw him scarfing down those French fries.

What a humbling and proud moment to witness as a parent!

Thursday, October 13, 2016


I gave Isaac an orange and he wanted to peel it. When I saw him struggle I asked if he needed help. He said "I got it, you just focus on your own task, Mommy, that's making dinner."
His Headstart teacher confirms that he is frequently reminded to focus on his own tasks.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Conversations with Elizabeth-

"Mommy, did Isabelle come out of your tummy?"


"Did Elijah come out of your tummy?"


"Did Elijah come out of Daddy's tummy?"