Monday, February 8, 2010

My daughter dropped the F bomb!

Tonight Isabelle had a rough night. Uncle Lee and Aunt Sarah are here for Lee's 30th birthday. While at China Panda she was completely out of control. She wouldn't sit in her chair, was yelling and screaming, tried to lock me out of the bathroom, and wouldn't eat her dinner.
After dinner she wanted to ride in the truck, and then in the car, and then in the truck. We finally told her she was going to ride in the car. She completely lost it! She was arching her back and fighting so hard that Daryl couldn't get her into the car seat. He eventually buckled her in, and I decided to take her for a drive.
The first 25 minutes of the drive she screamed hysterically. She even took her shoe off and threw it, hitting me in the head. Eventually she began to calm down.
After we had calmly talked for a little bit, I asked her about daycare. She said "Connor said a naughty word to Miss Danielle. It's not nice to say naughty words." I agreed that it's not nice to say naughty words and she babbled a little bit more about it. Finally I asked "What was the naughty word that Connor said to Miss Danielle?" I was expecting to hear "stupid head" or "shut up" She said, "Fuckyou". She then proceeded to tell me, quickly and nearly babbling, that "Fuckyou" is not a nice word and that we don't say "Fuckyou" to Miss Estella or Miss Danielle or any other time.
By the time I was able to cut in, I had heard my innocent little girl say that "word" several times in a row. I agreed with her that we do not say that, and she would be in a lot of trouble if she said it.
At Grandma's later I told her to tell Daddy what Connor had said and she whispered it because she didn't want him to be mad at her. I hope that means she's learned not to use that "word"!

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