Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What a week!

Well, on Wednesday I talked to Justine, birth mom, on the phone. She seems super sweet. She had received information from an adoption agency and her mom told me to call her ASAP and talk to her. I did. I tried to answer her questions as best as I could. She was concerned that we would take the babies and disappear, or that they would be in an unsafe home. I can understand that fear, there are lots of horror stories in the world. Once I assured her that we want to do an open adoption, we want the boys to know the girls, we want them to know who their birth family is, then she seemed very calm. I asked her how certain she was about adoption, She said "certain", I asked how certain she is that we are the family, she said "certain". I asked if we should begin obtaining lawyers and she said yes!
After I stopped dancing around, I texted Daryl, and then called both of our moms. Since then, all I have been able to eat, sleep, and breathe is "twins".
On Sunday, Stephanie, our pastor's wife, asked if we knew if there is one amniotic sack or two, and if there is one placenta or two. She told me about Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome. WOW, that is some scary stuff! And of course, our babies are extremely high risk.
We're praying for them daily, along with many others, and we believe that whatever happens is God's will.
I spent a day or two pretty freaked out, but I'm pretty calm about that now.
NOW I am working on figuring out where I am going to stay, since the babies will probably be in NICU for 2-6 weeks. Ventura/Oxnard is a huge tourist area, and not cheap at all! I know that God will give us that answer for this too.
Other things we're thinking about are, what car seats and bottles we need to get. I'm also working on an application for an adoption loan. Ugh. It is super long, and asks a bazillion questions.
That pretty much sums up the last week. Keep us in your prayers, please!

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