Monday, October 17, 2011

Adventures of the Big Yellow School Bus

Today was a big day in our household. MrBrawn started his first day of public preschool. We all got up early, and then loaded into the car to drive a couple hundred feet to the bus stop. He was so excited. As we got closer to the school bus, though, he clung tighter to my hand. By the time we made it to the doors, I had to pick him up onto the bus.
This was scary for me, too. This baby, whom I’ve been caring for almost a year, had to climb onto a huge school bus, much bigger than I remember them being, then go to a school site, get off the school bus, then be loaded onto a shuttle bus, and then delivered to his school. My heart was anxious as I anticipated his fear and all the newness of school. What if he didn’t know where to go? What if he got lost in the shuffle? What if he wandered off?
As I climbed back into the car the sound of crying startled me. I did not think that MrMonkey would be concerned at all that big brother had just climbed aboard the Big Yellow School Bus. He was. When I dropped him off at his preschool he clung to me, insisting on more kisses and hugs even after I'd given him six of each. When I picked him up he immediately began chattering about the Big Yellow School Bus bringing brother back. 
Today was an early day. He has early days for the first half of the week; Thursday and Friday are full days. True to first day of school form, his bus was nearly an hour late bringing him home. He had fallen asleep just before arriving home. As he wearily climbed off the bus he said to me, “Mom, I was on a couple buses today, I think like 4.” My heart swelled with pride that my 4 year old had gone out into the world and conquered it. 

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  1. Wow, a day to remember. Sounds like he did ride four buses total. Such a big bus for such a little guy, too. You should be very proud of him!