Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bedtime Adventures

Tonight Isaac was sent to bed early because I caught him being mean to Elijah on three separate occasions. When I went in to pray with him, he said to me, "I sorry to Elijah". 
I asked "why?"
"Cuz I be mean, and I didn't mean to."
I told him that I had seen him purposely hurt his brother and that it's his job to be the protector, and he agreed. 
I explained, "Do you know what a protector does? A protector keeps others safe, so it's your job to help keep your sisters and your baby brother safe."
He quietly let that sink in and then turned to me and said solemnly "and when the dragon attacks the house, then I will protect them."

Then it was time for Elizabeth to go to bed. I told her to go to her bed and she detoured to the dresser and opened the drawer and said, "'nother cookie".
I looked into the dresser drawer and there was a package of Oreos sitting inside! 
Through my investigative work I discovered that Isabelle felt that those were "her" cookies and in an effort to make them last longer she had hidden them! 

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  1. Never a dull moment in your household...Ha! Love it