Monday, February 15, 2016

"I'll put it on your list"

     Several years ago I began answering requests for items with "I'll put it on your list." 
   "Mom, may I get these Legos?"
   "I'll put it on your list."
   "Mom, I'd like this doll."
   "I'll put it on your list."

You get the picture.
This evening Ellie was taking a bath and yelled out to me "Mom, may I take a shower?"

Isaac responded by going to her and saying "Sissy, I'll put it on your list, k?"

Then came to me "Mom, I put a shower on Sissy's list."


  1. He is such a sweet funny boy. Does anything ever get off the list? Ha ha!

  2. Oh yes, "the list" is what I consult for gifting events, or when people want ideas for those occasions.