Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Binky bites the dust!

Isabelle's Binky has been starting to fall apart for a few weeks. It started with a small hole in the latex nipple, which, with some help, kept getting larger. I was working on it again tonight while she sat on my lap. I was thinking I could conveniently make it break on Friday when daddy was home from work for 96 hours. Instead of enlarging the hole, the entire nipple popped off! I said, "Oops, it broke." She said, "Fix it." I said, "I don't think I can, let's ask Daddy." The whole time she is trying to "snap" the nipple back onto the hard plastic part. After Daddy told her that he can't fix it. We told her that it is trash and she just said "yeah". She continued to carry it around for a couple minutes, then just dropped it on the floor. Our normal routine is to "get Binky and Bear" and go to bed, but she walked right past Binky telling us, "it's broken." I was thinking, gleefully, "this is going to be so easy!" And it was. Until it was really time to go to sleep. She used every stall tactic she could think of, she was hungry, thirsty, needed to go potty, needed another story, hot, cold, etc. Finally, after Daddy had spanked her for jumping on her bed and scolding her, she asked him to pat her back and that is how she fell asleep. The question is, Will she STAY asleep?

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