Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Today as I was taking Isabelle to day care she started the "what's your name?" conversation. We have been coaching her for a few months with "Isabelle, what is your name? Isabelle. How old are you? Two. Where do you live? Bullhead City." Within a week her answers were "What is your name? 'Ih-be-bell, I two.' And where do you live? 'Grandpa's play place'." We don't know where she got that answer, but she stands by it! Now she will start the conversation, "Mommy, what is your name?" I will answer, "Mommy". Today her reply was , "No, you Sara", I said "That's right, I'm your mommy and my name is Sara." She said, "No, you Ih-be-bell, and I'm Sara." I said, "Really?" and she said, "uh-huh!" I said, "So I will go to day care and you will go to work with Mindie?" She said, "Yes, you will go to day care and play with Kelly and Rain, and I will go to work with Mindie, OK Mommy?" ......oh! I wish I was going to play at day care......

It will be interesting to see what she thinks of Christmas. Since Daryl works on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve will be most of our celebrating. We have been counting down until Jesus' birthday with the Advent Calendar and she really enjoys that. I'm just hoping that getting presents will not create a "want monster".

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