Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life is CRAZY!!!

I have no idea how it is possible that I can still be so busy, despite the fact that I no longer work a full time job. I suppose this makes sense, since I quit the job to focus more efforts on more important things here at home. I still have this nagging feeling that I am just "on summer vacation". We are settling into the house. I thought it would go much quicker than this, but it hasn't. The new tile on the kitchen and common areas is awesome! My wonderful husband has spent weeks updating the house. The kids' rooms have new closets built. He finished pantry shelves over the weekend. We have a super beautiful fence around the pool. The kitchen has a new sink and disposal, faucet set, and dishwasher. Unfortunately, since we've had so much updating to do, there are still tons of boxes taking up space in our garage. My goal is to spend some long days in the near future unpacking and getting organized. One of these days I'll even post some pictures.

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